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The Smurfs Magic Sticker Drawing Set


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The Smurfs have already captured your kids imagination, and now they can help teach them how to draw with The Smurfs Magic Drawing Sticker Set. Children often find it easier to draw something they've created themselves and with the Magic Sticker Drawing Sets, kids first create their favourite Smurf characters and scenes with the stickers and then, with the colouring pencils provided, they can draw a picture of their creation on the drawing paper attached to the play scene. It's a great introduction to arts and crafts.

Product Features

  • High quality Magic Stickers
  • No glue – reusable and easy to move
  • Travel-friendly – small enough to pack away in a bag
  • Challenges your child's creative and motor skills
  • Teaches kids how to draw
  • Ready to use straight out the box