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Let the Numberblocks help you to learn your numbers, adding, subtracting and much more with 8 activities to explore:- Meet the Numberblocks (1-10) insert a numberblock and find out some fun number facts Let’s play hide and seek! Find the correct numberblock and insert into the cube Numberblocks Adventure, can you help us count, put the Numberblocks in the cube in the correct order Which Numberblock is Missing - A Numberblock has gone to play with Big Tum! Do you know which one? Number Magic, add 1 to any Numberblock to make a number Number Magic, One less, take 1 block away from any Numberblock up to 10. Which Numberblock is left? Blast Off - Help Numberblock 10 blast off by counting backwards from 10 to 1 Let’s meet Blockzilla: Which Numberblocks is bigger or smaller?